My Background

I am a consultant and entrepreneur who is task-oriented and results-driven. I also pay attention to details while working on building sustainable wealth. I'm enthusiastic in finding new innovative solutions using a combination of managerial and technical skills.

I'm also an avid investor in small ideas, keen reader and social activist who is enthusiastic in finding new opportunities. I'm a strategist who is systematic in approaching challenges. This exposure lead me to be interested in human interaction and to appreciate what the human mind is capable of achieving. Through my vast interaction with different people, I managed to increasing my personal network.

It has became clear to me at an early stage of my life that I have the ability to spot opportunities which made me by nature, an


  1. defined as a person who establishes an enterprise with the aim of solving social problems or effecting social change.

As an individual with a positive outlook towards my challenges, I've embarked on the most interesting journeys in my life which I intend on blogging. These are the glimpse of my trials and tribulations because I believe that: "You must believe you are the best and then make sure that you are...".. I was once told that: "If you don't have enough money then you haven't helped enough people yet". The road to riches is paved with acquisition of specific knowledge.

Favorite Quote:

“A wonderful fact to reflect upon, that every human creature is constituted to be that profound secret and mystery to every other.”
― Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities

My Work Experience:
Entrepreneur & Consultant

Previous Position(s)

Executive Director | Dihlakanyane Trading (Pty) Ltd.
Cullinan, South Africa | February 2012 - April 2016
Director of Operations | Dithokeng Cleaning Services cc
Cullinan, South Africa | August 2006 - December 2007
Managing Director | Keyamo Management Solutions (Pty) Ltd.
Johannesburg, South Africa | April 2003 - November 2016
Managing Member | Mamphake Office Supplies cc
Rayton, South Africa | July 1999 - February 2017

Documan Consulting | Proprietor
Rayton, South Africa | 2012 - 2017

Current Occupation(s)

MEP Digital Systems | Director

Rayton, South Africa | 2017 - Present

The company specialize in digital strategy implementation in smart facilities using sensors actuators and other digital instrumentation.

Consulting Services
My Education and Skill(s):
  • Managerial:
  • I manage business operations within the information technology environment. I use Geographical Information Systems (GIS), Building Information Modelling (BIM), Project Management as well as Accounting programs. I studied management and I have experience in evaluating, preparing bids as well as compiling project programs, I assist clients with the planning processes, risk mitigation, evaluations, and presentations. I also prepared costing/estimates and condition reports. I supervise and manage processes as well as allocate work and project scheduling. I do marketing, liaise with customer, as well as assist in developing new and improving existing range of products and services.
  • Technical:
  • I design using computer-aided draughting (CAD) software as well as HTML, Visual Basic, SketchUp Pro, CoralDraw as well as programming in Python. I studied Architecture; Mechanical and Electrical engineering. I also configure computer hardware as well as setup networks. I prepare sketches, detailed drawings, and schematics including drafting of support documentation. My main focus is building expertise and finding sustainable solutions.....

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Being Determined | Opinion

Have you heard the story about how they train baby elephants? As a baby, the elephant is tied to a big tree by a strong chain. The elephant instinctively tries to break free, but it’s not strong enough. And the more it tries, the more the chain digs into the elephant’s skin, causing great pain. This pain convinces the elephant to stop struggling and to give up. Later, when the elephant is fully grown, the owner will tie it to a little stake with a small rope. That elephant is strong enough to free itself, but because of it’s prior experiences, it doesn’t even try to use its strength to break free.

Now with that in mind as a social entrepreneur, I too have experienced this same form of learned helplessness. I let past failures and the pain associated with those failures paralyze me to the point of inaction. I felt trapped and powerless while blaming myself even blaming others. I never wallow in self-pity but I was miserable because I didn't get what I wanted. Even when I had some great opportunity that were suppose to change my future, I didn’t take them. I then learned that there’s nothing wrong or broken with me. I just haven’t put in the effort and achieved the results that I, yes I am truly capable.

How do I know all this? First, because at first I felt like I was broken and helpless. But after I started working on myself and putting in the effort, I started achieving the results I wanted. Second, I’ve started meeting new people who moved from complete hopelessness. Everyone I’ve worked with who has taken consistent action has improved their circumstances, achieved their goals, and has experienced happiness at work and in life. I had two choices: Either I take a passive approach, which rarely results in success Or, I take control of my life, create a new reality and future by taking action.

The thing is I forgave myself and I let go of past mistakes. It’s easy to blame yourself for not taking action. I was frustrated because I allowed myself-limited beliefs to hold me back. Whether you realize it or not, that regret is eats you up inside. The reality is, all along I’ve been shaping my future. But instead of letting fear and inaction dictate who I become, now I taking those opportunities to tell myself the right story. I know I have what it takes to be happy and successful. I have broken free from my past failure and now achieving what I wanted in life. I have also acknowledged what I'm good at. That's right, There’s something that everyone is good at and It could be cooking, technical stuff, writing, building things, or any number of other abilities. That’s right, you’re not completely helpless! I just ask myself why is it that I'm succeeding in those areas? I'm not afraid to ask for help and asking for help, especially when I'm at a low point in life was really hard to do. But I have learned that the people who care about me want to be there for me. My plan always included to set small attainable goals. We all want to achieve our biggest dreams right now. But you know what, none of that happens in the real world. The key for me was to take my big long-term goals and break it down into small manageable chunks.

Lastly, I have become more patient. I was bombarded with the myth of instant gratification and success. But for every success story I learned about there’s an untold story of hard work, persistence, and the struggle that came before. Patience has been the hardest one for me personally. But I’ve been able to find motivation by recognizing and celebrating the small victories along the way, and finding a way to be conscious of and to enjoy the journey......

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Wisdom | Opinion

How I've Become Wiser with Age... Everybody has ups and downs, but over the years I’ve noticed a long-term trend: My unpredictable events of daily life tend to influence my state of mind at any given time but there’s definitely been a general upward trend – like equity of a growing small business. My career followed pretty much the same sort of trajectory: plenty of high-frequency ups and downs but generally up and to the right over the long haul. While that’s nothing to write home about, I think you’ll find the factors behind it illuminating, if not surprising. When I was young my world was small but my ego was huge so, relatively speaking, every little thing matters a lot. Growing up is about realizing I'm not such a big deal after all. When I stop taking myself so seriously and started lightening up, life got a lot easier. While I’m still a kid in many ways, it’s balanced by a sense of humility. We didn’t have everything growing up so a lot of things were improvements. And while I admit to having been a little jealous of the nicer things my friends had, rather than a handicap I used that as an incentive to work hard and strive to achieve great things. That relentless drive is critical to my success. I always had this insatiable hunger to learn: to explore, to figure out how things work, to know everything about everything. My parents encouraged it, although I don’t know how they kept me from going nuts. I’ve never been shy about asking advice of those who had achieved what I aspired to be. More importantly, I listened. Sure, I trusted my gut, but when their words really resonated with me, I acted without hesitation. That proved remarkably beneficial in choosing the right path when I was at a crossroads. I learned that life offers two distinct choices. The first is to reach for the stars. If you make it, great. If not, you have nothing to feel bad about. The second is not to go for it and spend the rest of your life beating yourself up over what you’re not and all the while wondering what could have been. Regret is a bitter pill to swallow. What I thought I'll find counterintuitive is that it’s all work related. The reason is simple. My priority has always been to do what I love for a living so, for me, hard work has always been fun and fulfilling. That’s probably why I enjoy it and over time, that brought freedom, flexibility, and a fulfilling life - A happy life. But there is a catch and learned that It doesn’t happen overnight. One thing I noticed somewhere along the line is, the less I pressured myself in the short-term – the more I learned to let go and relax – the more successful I became over the long-term. Life is a marathon, not a sprint therefore I'm not in such a hurry to get to the finish line and I’ll get there soon enough.

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